WONDERLAND® – Freestyle Dance Session

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wonderland® is a monthly London based club night run by Garth aka Boogiebwoy. We welcome anyone out there with good spirit, open to a wide selelction of music of African descent, historically termed Black music here in the UK. Our interest is in the dance and in the music. Wonderland® exists purely to provide a place were we can all come to express ourselves. We celebrate all movement – a true freestyle dance session!

We’re looking for a space to express ourselves. Please get in touch if you know of a venue. Contact garth ‘at’ ultraboogie ‘dot’ com. Many thanks.

Resident DJs: Garth aka Boogiebwoy, Seymour Nurse + Dean C. Occasional guest DJs.

Wonderland ® DJ Schedule

17-Oct-07 Motet (Uprock)

19-Sep-07 Bruce Q (Liquid Fusion)

15-Aug-07 Seymour + Gary Nurse 40th Birthday Special

18-Jul-07 Resident’s special Garth + Seymour

20-Jun-07 Resident’s special Garth + Seymour

16-May-07 Resident’s special Garth + Seymour

18-Apr-07 2yr Birthday ft Inna Vision + Mind Eye (Da Circle Of Sole, NL)

21-Mar-07 Resident’s special Garth + Seymour

21-Feb-07 Nick Hosier (The Spot)

17-Jan-07 Adam Rock (Uprock)

20-Dec-06 Closed

22-Nov-06 Phil Levene, Macky The Specialist and Akin Da Soul Maestro

18-Oct-06 Resident’s special Ultraboogie vs The Bottom End

20-Sep-06 Cypren (Solar Radio, ex Soulbrother)

16-Aug-06 Inna Vision + Mind Eye (Da Circle Of Sole, NL)

19-Jul-06 Marshmello

Change to 3rd Wednesday monthly

15-Jun-06 Obafunkie Jr (Boogieheads)

18-May-06 Macky The Specialist

20-Apr-06 Dego (2000 Black, 4Hero)

16-Mar-06 Justin “Top Rock” McKenzie (Uprock)

16-Feb-06 Phil Levene

19-Jan-06 Venue closed for refurb

22-Dec-05 Phil Levine, Akin Da Soul Maestro, Macky The Specialist, Obafunkie Jr

One-off move to the 4th Thursday

17-Nov-05 Inna Vision + Mind Eye (Da Circle Of Sole, NL)

20-Oct-05 Macky The Specialist

15-Sep-05 Akin Da Soul Maestro

18-Aug-05 Phil Levene

21-Jul-05 Obafunkie Jr (Boogieheads)

16-Jun-05 Macky The Specialist

19-May-05 Inna Vision + Mind Eye (Da Circle Of Sole, NL)

21-Apr-05 Akin Da Soul Maestro

3rd Thursday monthly